DXI 8500


Built on Quantum’s DXi® 2.1 software, the DXi8500 offers industry-leading inline performance of up to 8.8TB/hour, and advanced deduplication technology that reduces typical disk and bandwidth requirements by 90% or more. The results are faster backups, streamlined restores, and automated DR protection that leverages remote replication to simplify management, reduce or eliminate removable media, and lower costs. The DXi8500 scales from 40 to 320TB of usable capacity, and presents the industry’s widest range of presentation options, including deduplication-enabled VTL, CIFS, NFS, and OST, as well as native-mode (non-deduplicating) VTL and NAS shares. Optimized Synthetic Full Backups run with OST, resulting in significantly reduced I/O traffic for backup and full restores. All interfaces can be supported simultaneously in the same unit to provide maximum configuration options for heterogeneous environments, and all licenses are included in the base price of the appliance for maximum value. To integrate short-term protection and long-term retention, the DXi8500 features an integrated path-to-tape for both VTL and OST presentations, providing a direct link to physical tape libraries that bypasses the backup server but is fully integrated into leading backup applications’ management interface and media catalogs. A standard feature on DXi8500 appliances is DXi Accent™ software for hybridmode deduplication. DXi Accent dramatically increases backup performance over low-bandwidth networks by moving part of the deduplication process to the backup server so that only unique blocks are sent to the DXi8500.